A native macOS app for JMAP mail.

Designed from the ground up for JMAP mail.


Getting Started

Learn about JMAP and the features offered by Swift Mail.

Why Swift Mail?

Modern mail features with system-level integrations on macOS.

What is JMAP?

A modern & open source alternative to IMAP mail (external link).


A JMAP mail account and a love for lightweight & efficient native macOS apps.

Operating system

macOS Monterey or later.

Swift Mail runs natively on Apple Silicon & Intel Macs.

Supported services


Fastmail requires users to be on a Standard or Professional plan in order to access mail services using third-party clients such as Swift Mail, Apple Mail, and etc.

Additionally, an API token must be used when signing in to Swift Mail.

Custom servers

Support for custom or private JMAP servers is planned. Visit the Roadmap to be notified when support is added.

What about other services?

Swift Mail is designed & optimized to take advantage of JMAP with a focus on maintaining the privacy and efficiency afforded by a modern mail standard.

Unfortunately, this means accounts and services such as Gmail or Yahoo mail that are based on the IMAP standard will not be supported for the foreseeable future.